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Soccer Rondos are Pep Guardiola’s Secret

Soccer Rondos are a specific type of soccer drills where a group of players pass the ball to each other while others try to intercept the ball. It’s a great way for a soccer team to improve their skills, ball control and passing; while having a lot of fun. It also improves their decision making skills.

A rondo is played in a tiny circular or square space; where players keep passing the ball to each other and keep the ball away from the player in the middle. The person in the middle tries to intercept the ball. Once the person in the middle, known as the “defender”, intercepts the ball, he joins the circle as a new passer. The person in the circle who lost the ball, becomes the new defender; and the rondo drill moves on.

Soccer Rondos have many different variations, each with their own rules and objectives. Each rondo is generally focussed on improving a particular skill, such as ball control, movement, positioning etc. There are some rondos that are tailored to beginner soccer players, and others to more advanced teams; with different number of players involved.

Soccer Rondos require a ton of focus and concentration from all those involved in the drill. They need to keep an eye on the movement of their opponents, predict their teammates’ movements and make quick, accurate passes to ensure that their team keeps possession. Over time, the players significantly improve their decision making skills and soccer IQ.

In this blog, we will explore a wide range of soccer rondos, covering all of the different variations and their specific benefits. It contains step-by-step instructions for setting up and running each rondo, with drill pictures for additional clarifications. There are tips and techniques for getting the most out of the drill. 


Rondo Soccer

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Rondo Soccer Drills – 3v3 drills

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