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    Learn about the growing influence of Analytics in the world of soccer.


    How Enhanced Analytics Are Changing The Game and Why You Missed The Goal Completely Trusting Your Gut…

    What is going through your head when you try to decide your next move?
    Do you just wait and see how the game unfolds? Or are you going in with a plan?

    If I tell you a data scientist and a software engineer are equally important to the success of a team as the coach, you will most likely call me crazy.

    Yet you might change your opinion after discovering the latest findings about soccer analytics and what they’ve done to the game.

    Unlike other sports, soccer has been late to embrace data and analytics. It is a world where ‘gut feeling’ and experience in the game is often still valued above statistical evidence.

    Guess why?
    It’s no secret that soccer is a game of glorious uncertainties, and it’s unpredictability is what makes it appealing to watch.

    If you look at it objectively for one second, you´ll agree with the words of data-expert, Bernard Marr:

    Past performance could be a good indicator of future performance and that collection of data can aid with the recreation of past situations that led to successful outcomes.

    But behind that uncertainty is a lot of planning, analytics and preparation.
    Therefore, it is crucial to let data assist in shaping a good foundation for decision making on and off the playing field.

    No matter how experienced you are or what your background is, your gut feeling or your ability to observe a match can´t compete with the facts data analytics has to offer.

    In the 2015 season, the cost of injuries in the biggest European soccer leagues were $70 million on average in each league.

    Data helped to reduce injuries in players by 30% and soft tissue injuries by almost 90%.
    Soccer analytics are more than just random numbers… if you know how to use them in the right way.

    In “Soccer Analytics“, you´ll discover:

    • How to make objective decisions and enhance performance based on predictive data in no time
    • How analytics can affect real change in strategies you have been using for years
    • How numbers predict what will happen on a green grass when two teams of 11 players take to the field
    • Why you never have to use plan B anymore if you know the secret of game modeling
    • How data based player ratings work and why they are more reliable than any criminal record
    • A secret tool that helps players and coaches analyze their performance during matches
    • An easy, yet evidence-based roadmap to beat your biggest enemy, without even being close to the soccer field

    and much, much more.

    As a gift, the book includes a soccer drills worksheet to get to the next level you and your team deserve.

    Even if you only gain one tiny thing from soccer analytics to improve your game, you can still turn a past loss in a future win.

    Keep in mind, your goal is to always be only 5% smarter than your competitors and you WILL win.

    Be one of the few insiders applying soccer analytics and start predicting every single game.


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