Soccer is a team sport. The best way to train is to play a lot of practice games at regular intervals with enough rest in between. After playing for a while, you will notice areas of your individual game that need improvement; and areas for your team to improve. Start incorporating specific soccer drills to improve areas of your game. For example, if your team is getting lots of chances but unable to finish, work on finishing drills below:

Yes. It’s the best way to get back into soccer after a long break, or during the off season. 

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The best way is a combination of diet, weight training and aerobic exercise as shown in link below:

The most basic skill in soccer is the most important one. It is the first touch of the ball. The second is the ability to make a good pass. Having a good first touch and then making an accurate pass will get you a strong foundation to focus on other skills. These are also good skills to focus on if you are in bad form.

Just like anything in life, soccer takes a lot of time to improve. It requires a lot of practice over an extended period of time. If you’re asking this question, the first step is improving your mentality. A great way to get started is to check out our book on 150 soccer drills for beginners and kids.


The best way is a combination of diet, weight training and aerobic exercise as shown in link below:

Soccer training generally evolves with time, technique and technology. Here’s a list of the top training equipment that we recommend.

A good soccer coach is patient, knowledgeable and likes to focus on the long term processes needed to make a team better.

The requirements vary based on country and region, but you can always improve your knowledge of the game. Our blog has a variety of resources that can help with that. Here’s a nice post on Pep Guardiola’s coaching philosophy.

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