Soccer Drills for Kids: A Book to Boost Your Kids Soccer Skills and Fun

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Soccer Drills for kids book will be the best choice for your under 15 kids. Purchasing this book you will get 150+ Soccer Coaching and Training Drills, Tactics and Strategies to Improve your kids next level Soccer Skill and IQ.


This book is a comprehensive guide crafted by Chest Dugger an experienced coach with a proven track record in international competitions. Specializing in coaching ages 8-13, the author shares a wealth of drills that have been successfully implemented with non-selective, school-level teams. These drills, adaptable for any age group, serve as a valuable resource for both novice and seasoned coaches looking to enhance players’ skills.

Soccer, the world’s most popular team sport, offers a safe and simple avenue for children to develop physical fitness and innate competitiveness in an organized manner. With the sport’s rapid growth in the US, the need for dedicated coaches and skilled players is ever-expanding. The book not only focuses on fundamental soccer skills such as shooting, defending, and passing but also delves into the nuances of the game, including understanding the laws and embracing the spirit of soccer.

More than just a guide to athletic prowess, this book emphasizes the development of life skills—dexterity, problem-solving, collaboration, friendship, respect, self-discipline, team spirit, and sportsmanship. In a world dominated by consumerism and social media, instilling the values of fair play and sportsmanship becomes crucial for today’s youth. “Soccer Drills for Kids” serves as a gateway for parents and coaches to nurture well-rounded individuals through the joy and discipline of soccer.

What’s included in this book?

  • The 7 different kinds of skills that kids need to learn in soccer
  • How Ball Control Skills escalate the level of your kid’s soccer game
  • 6 Passing Drills that will improve team cohesion quickly
  • Offensive Tips, Tricks, and Drills that will make your team win
  • 6 Drills that will make your kids get to defend in numbers and strength
  • How to get kids to learn from the pros on TV
  • 6 Drills that will make your kids get to defend in numbers and strength
  • 5 Dribbling Tips and Drills that will make your kid stand out
  • How the Mental Side of Soccer will improve your kids social and life skills
  • What Parents must do during soccer practice and games

Why should you buy it for your kid?

Purchasing this soccer drills book, such as equipment or coaching resources, for your child contributes to their physical well-being, disciplined character development, and exposure to essential life skills. Also learn that soccer not only offers a productive and worthwhile way for children to stay busy but also fosters qualities like dexterity, respect, and teamwork.

It becomes a valuable investment in a child’s overall growth, especially considering the challenges of today’s world influenced by consumerism and social media. In essence, buying this book for your child aligns with providing them an opportunity to thrive physically, mentally, and socially through a sport that encapsulates valuable life lessons.

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3 reviews for Soccer Drills for Kids: A Book to Boost Your Kids Soccer Skills and Fun

  1. Tim

    Great soccer book for kids

  2. Steve

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Amazing book

  3. Sam

    This is a great book for training kids under the age of 15. Simple drills that most parents and coaches can implement easily.

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