The Best Soccer Books We Have Read

You may have read some of our books. Or maybe you’re a big fan, and you’ve read every single book.

But, in this blog post we’re going to focus on great books by other authors that are a must read. We want to make sure that you have the best information you need to succeed in your soccer career. Here are the four best soccer books we have read (other than ours, of course)..

  1. Gods Of Soccer by Roger Bennett, Michael Davies and Miranda Davis

This book goes over a list of the 100 greatest soccer players of all time; with their stories, backgrounds and achievements that will make your heart and mind soar. It will inspire you to greater things.

gods of soccer


2. Soccer IQ by Dan Blank

A great soccer training manual that goes through common problems faced by soccer players and their solutions.

soccer iq


3. How Soccer Explains the World by Franklin Foer

This book goes over some interesting soccer politics and history. From Brazil to Bosnia, and Italy to Iran, this is an eye-opening chronicle of how a beautiful sport and its fanatical followers can highlight the fault lines of a society, whether it’s terrorism, poverty, anti-Semitism, or radical Islam—issues that now have an impact on all of us.

how soccer explains the world


4. Soccer Smarts for Kids by Andrew Latham

A great collection of secrets, skills, strategies and drills for kids aged 8-12 to improve their game, get smarter and more skilled at soccer.

soccer smarts for kids

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