8 Pregame Soccer Warm Up Drills to Get Your Team Going – Part 2

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Shooting Warm Up Soccer Drill before Game

Soccer Warm Up Drills 3

Once the muscles are properly warm, get the players’ minds warmed up with some shooting practice.  This needs to be simple, with lots of movement.  Players pass into the coach, who lays off for a first time shot.  Work with half the team at a time so that there is plenty of action.  The rest of the team works on a different warm up while their mates are shooting.


Training Tennis Warm Up Soccer Drill before Game

This is a fun warm up, so is particularly good with younger plays who might find the other drills a little tedious as they complete the necessary tasks.

Create a basic net with some traffic cones.  Players head or volley over the net. As in volleyball, they can be allowed up to two or three touches per side before the ball must cross the net.  Depending on the ability and age of the participants, allow the ball to bounce once or not at all.


Keepy Uppy Warm Up Soccer Drill before Game

Another warm up that is popular, especially if we are coach to a youth or children’s team.  Get players in a group.  Start with a gentle throw.  The players then aim to keep the ball in the air for ten juggles.  They can use any part of the body allowed in soccer (a keeper can be added, who can use his hands to ‘dig’ the ball, volleyball style).  Although each player can do two or three juggles, this only counts as one point, to stop the ball being dominated by one or two players.  This is a good activity for generating mental awareness: encourage players to spread out when the ball is under good control, but get close the to the player in possession when the ball begins to get away from the team.

A good warm up gets the team ready to play; it also helps to prevent injuries…inculcating players into the importance of a good pre match warm up is an important part of the good coach’s role.  This is especially true when we have responsibility for a younger group, where the eagerness to be competitive can result in the warm becoming little more than a shooting practice for two or three players.

The clip below has some good alternative warm up activities.

Warm Up Drills


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