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Fun Soccer Card Games and Board Games to Pass the Time

Soccer card games for young players are a delightful and interactive way to learn different rules, strategies and tactics. These games come in different forms and are used to train children the intricacies of soccer, from positional play to ball coping with and teamwork. They can also serve as a fun introduction to the sport, making it extra handy and inviting to younger players. These card games can also serve to enhance cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic planning. They also supply opportunities for kids to improve their memory, concentration, and interest span. The games are also a splendid way for young players to bond with their team.



Soccer – The Board Game

A fast paced 2-player soccer game with dice, cards and a soccer board that uses real soccer strategies and tactics. It’s very fun and competitive for the players involved.

soccer card game 1


Champions League Card Game

A fun multiplayer card game involving the biggest superstars of the Champions League, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, Marcus Rashford, Neymar, Pulisic and more.


Soccer Remote Control Soccer Game

This is a unique soccer game. It involves remotely controlling two shoe cars. Each car can hold onto a soccer ball and move it towards the goal. Each car has LED lights and can glow in the dark, can move forward and backward, sideways etc.


52 Card Soccer Training Deck

This is a card game which contains 52 cards. Each card is a soccer workout that will push you to compete against others and against your own personal best. This game can be played with yourself or with any number of players. This can be used by anyone regardless of their age, skill or fitness levels.

soccer card game 4


Soccer Table Interactive Game

This is a 2-player soccer version of pinball with 4 handles, 2 goal nets and 2 fences to fix the soccer fields.

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